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Ermanno Scervino’s boho-chic woman

Ermanno Scervino’s boho-chic woman is attracted by a tailored luxury belonging to the World.


Scervino combines colours and materials in an unusual way, creating a harmonious marriage between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.  A meld of macramè embroidery, floral designs and arabesques and netted lacy weaves  in the patchwork finishing of dresses, tops and jackets for a sensual see-through effect.

Strong, warm shades – duckbill, violet, yellow, coral and fuchsia, often mixed together – convey new atmospheres in silk tops laced at the neck; in ultra-fine mohair sweaters backed with mesh; in shorts; in long, low-waisted skirts and in mini frocks made from silk, leather and suede.

Black and white  map out geometric motifs in transparent netting, in patchworks, in flounces and in the waists of sleeveless mini-dresses.  Organza handmade feathers and laser-worked flounces adorn collars and several garments of the collection; tassels and fringes create unique sleeveless dinner jackets  and feature lapels made from fabric or patchwork macramè.

Jackets and parkas in techno-fabrics featuring retrò collars with jewel button, intarsia or laser appliqués and fringes dyed in contrasting colours. Single shoulder evening dresses in contrasting shades, with transparencies to give viewers a glimpse of brassieres and culottes.

The collection is rounded off by sandals with shaped wooden wedges and uppers in two-tone leather weaves or bands of shagreen stamped leather.  Sack bags in mesh knit paired with nappa leather or raffia; handbags in gold-frosted stamped ostrich;  mini bags with mesh or  macramè weave or raffia with spangles.