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Alliance Continues After Strong Market Response

Success is the reason why American Legend, Fur Harvesters and their host Saga Furs will hold joint March and June auctions again in 2015. 10-20 march and 3-12 june 2015.

The unprecedented March 2014 auction and the following June sale lived up to their billing as “Auctions of the Century.” Record attendance, the largest and most diversified offering in history, keen buying activity in challenging market and satisfied customers made the events a success.

Response has been overwhelming, according to the three CEOs. Customer and supplier feedback about the one-stop-shopping concept has been very enthusiastic and all three auction houses are positive about past results, while looking forward to the upcoming auctions. According to preliminary figures, the auctions will offer 13-14 million mink, two million fox and one million wild furs.

First major event at the newly refurbished Fur Center in Finland

The overall popularity of fur and the joint auctions together with the need to renew technology in the facility spurred Saga Furs to expand the auction room to give buyers a bit more elbowroom. The project will increase seating capacity by more than 20% to accommodate added numbers of guests at the Fur Center auction room. Be there to secure good seats in the new auction room!

With customer satisfaction in mind, the kitchen and restaurant areas will also get a complete facelift. The new dining facilities will be done in a modular, functional fashion to make preparation and serving more efficient as well as giving a significant contribution to customer comfort.