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Dubai has for centuries been a city that lends itself to the imagination. Its feeling of olden day mystery and modern day excitement made Dubai the perfect setting for NAFA’s “Treasure Hunt.”


To promote NAFA’s fine quality fur products to the many international travellers who flock to the sunny beaches and magnificent shopping malls of this tiny Emirate, NAFA joined forces with four of the leading fur retailers in Dubai. Those who visited the fur boutiques of Abel, Di Cara, Ego and Manzari had the opportunity to view the treasure trove of furs designed and produced by these fur fashion brands. In addition, these shoppers discovered they were also invited to join NAFA for a scenic boat cruise. On November 13, 2013, over 120 foreign guests were greeted by Mr. Bobby Poulios, Vice President of Buyer Relations; Ms. Rachel Gualtieri, International Marketing Director; and Ms. Svetlana Kruglikova, Moscow Representative. Also joining the cruise were fashion editors from leading Russian fashion magazines and local news and fashion media. As the ninety-foot luxury craft left the dock, guests gathered in the main dining room for an official welcome by Bobby Poulios. At this time he also presented plaques honoring those present who purchased one of the prestigious Black NAFA Anniversary Lots. This included: Tolis Gogos, Abel Furs; Dimitris Karatzas, Di Cara; Dino Salagiannis, Ego; and George Mantziaris, Manzari. Immediately following, a lavish dinner was served as the vessel sailed into the Arabian Gulf and the spectacular coastline of the city unfolded. From the 21st century iconic landmarks of Dubai to its ancient souks and heritage villages, guests were enthralled by the unique and wondrous beauty of it all. As the evening came to an end and guests began disembarking, Rachel Gualtieri exclaimed, “I can see that everyone had a delightful time tonight. At NAFA we are so pleased to bring together our friends and loyal supporters to celebrate the worldwide success of the Black NAFA label and to have all of our guests discover the many treasures that NAFA has to offer when it comes to fur.”