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Truth is not a question of fashion

AIP, the Italian Fur Association, launched a press campaign in Milan’s Corriere della Sera in support of its “Made-in-Italy” product. A change of tack in its communication strategies, accompanied by a new marketing research initiative dedicated to the development of the globalization of affiliated companies.


AIP (Associazione Italiana Pellicceria) decided to launch a media counter attack with the aim of informing the end consumer about the ethical and ecological correctness that distinguishes “Made-in-Italy” fur. A National press campaign in support of the entire fur system: “A strategic, carefully-thought-out choice that precedes the opening of the forthcoming Mifur”, commented  AIP President, Roberto Scarpella. “Lately, there has been too much misinformation regarding the fur industry and the work of its members. We therefore felt that the moment had come for us to launch an advertising campaign targeted at  providing end consumers with the correct information about our industry and fur in general, a treasure trove of excellence and “Made-in-Italy” craftsmanship. A fashion product that has afforded Italy recognition from all over the world”.

A clear message

Two key themes are presented in the new campaign, published in daily newspapers, technical publications and posted on industry-related websites, starting from the Corriere della Sera. The image is sophisticated with particular emphasis on the product worn; the choice of black and white highlights the graphic aspect and adds a touch of glossy allure reminiscent of Italy’s most revered black and white movies. “I love real things, Italian fur is a real thing. “The aim of these slogans and pay-offs – continues Scarpella – are targeted at underlining the concept of love and attention to authentic things: a fur coat is likened to a home-cooked dinner, shopping at the market and the relationship of a serene, happy couple. All things that are real and natural.”

Marketing strategies

AIP’s communication strategy is backed up by a new plan for the development of market studies and research, with the aim of offering associated companies new tools and entrepreneurial ideas.  A business sector analysis, targeted at providing small-medium-sized business with a correct “Go-to-market”


strategy vis-a-vis foreign countries, through the adoption of a correct mix of sales channels based on the structure of the local domestic market, was recently developed in collaboration with Pwc.  This is the first step towards the creation of an organic project for the globalization of businesses in the sector: in fact,  the undisputed entrepreneurial ability of Italian companies backed up by the know-how of trade associations could be a winning strategy to build a business model and a market presence projected towards an innovative future.


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